720 Fabio HiColor Sunglasses


Fabio HiColor

The all new revolutionary lens technology combined with typical classic frame, Hitman HiColor is going to capture and occupy your sight.

HiColor lens features on two major technologies – HEV420 BLOCKER and COLOR HIGHLIGHTER.

HEV420 Blocker eliminates harmful HEV RAY, which is in the violet/blue band from 400 – 500 nm in the visible spectrum. HEV RAY would damage your vision to cause Macular Degeneration.

COLOR HIGHLIGHER upgrade the vision by emphasizing the color you need to see upon different situation, meanwhile, it also force out the color that might blur your vision while engaging different activities.

Besides from above, the frame – Hitman Asian-Fit guarantee the nice ventilation, perfect grippy fit on face and flexible sturdy TR90 material.


Lenses: 6-base Polycarbonate Lens
HC Brown Lake
Frame: EMS Grilamid TR90
Dark Grey Rubber w/ Matte Aquamarine Temple
Transmission: 13%