720 Fabio Sunglasses



When you walk on the street, Fabio is definitely the chosen one to get you spotlighted.

When you go to the beach, Fabio helps you to reject all the harshly sunlight and splash of water, meanwhile; you still catch everybody’s eye on you.

It is probably the most ultimate fashion gear that 720armour can bring to you so far. With its sturdy structure which consisted of Grilamid TR90 frame and Polycarbonate lenses, what you earned is not just looking cool but also looking powerful.

With additions of extraordinary functions such as:

1. Water proof function (Super Hydrophobic Water Repellent Coating)
2. UV light filters and glare / Blu-ray blocker (Light Enhancing System)
3. Anti-Scratch Coating (AS)
4. Precise Vision Clarity (Sport Focus System )
5. Anti-Reflection (AR)


Lenses: 6-base PC Polarized Lens
Polarized Smoke
Frame: EMS Grilamid TR90
Glossy Black
Transmission: 12%